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Help with my Medical ID Engraving

If you feel and need some help deciding what kind of information is engrave on your medical ID do not be discouraged. The price includes the amount of information that is necessary you don’t need worry about counting the number of words or lines, as long as it fits between the characters for each type of identification.

Are you ready to have your medical identification engraved? You just must follow these simple tips:

Your Name

ncluding your name on your ID gives to the emergency services a quick way to identify and treat pathologies or diseases as medical care begins. The Physicians should also consider adding their name to the identification of the person they care for.

Medical Conditions

Be sure that any medical condition that may affect the Type of treatment to consider in an emergency case is clear on the Jewelry. There are examples as Diabetes, Alzheimer, Heart conditions and patients with transplanted organs.


It is important to include any allergies you may have. Examples the examples can be such as food allergies, food allergies and drug allergies such penicillin. This information provides additional insight for emergency cases to administer the appropriate care.


Any medical prescription which is taken regularly must be engraved in your ID. For example is very important be known if you are taking anticoagulants, insulin or another kind of medicines.

Emergency Contac

We recommend the addition of an ICE (In Cases of Emergencies) the Phone number on the medical identification presents for children, people with autism or dementia or the information of the a caregiver. You may also want to add your doctor´s contact information.

Useful Information

By carefully considering what you engrave in your ID medical you can provide critical information to those whom are around you. You will to give the capacity to those who are in the first response, such as Paramedics and other medical professionals to offer you a the best and timely attention in a medical emergency case.

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